Free Regular Medical Camps

Free medical camps are events or initiatives organized to provide healthcare services to underserved or vulnerable populations at no cost. These medical camps are often set up in collaboration with healthcare professionals of the Ganpat University- Healthcare Centre, and volunteers. The primary goal is to address the healthcare needs of individuals who may not have regular access to medical services due to financial constraints or geographical barriers. The Ganpat University – Healthcare Centre frequently organizes such free medical camps and diagnoses the patients and freely distributes medicines among the needy patients.Physician, Medical Officer, Homoeopathy Doctors, Physiotherapists, Optometrist, Staff Nurse and Pharmacist accompanying free medical camps.

  • Total Free Medical Camps organized: 58
  • Villages Covered: 14
  • Total Beneficiaries: 3944

Mega Medical Check-up Camps

Ganpat University in association with renowned multispecialty hospitals such as Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, and Shalby Multi-specialty Hospital, Ahmedabad to organizes free medical check-up camps for the employees of the University, their families, and the underserved communities in the surrounding regions, all at no charge. A dedicated team of doctors specializing in various clinical and super specialties from these esteemed hospitals travels to specific villages for Mega Medical camps. Patients visiting camps receive free diagnosis, medication distribution, and are referred to the well-known hospitals for further treatment, if necessary.

  • 17.12.2023, Sunday at Langhajan, Mehsana, Gujarat - 754 Total Beneficiaries
  • 29.01.2023, Sunday at Kherva, Mehsana, Gujarat - 808 Beneficiaries

Special Medical Check-up Camps

Ganpat University's Healthcare Centre in association with Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad, organized a super-specialist medical check-up camp from 12 – 14 October, 2023, at the university's Healthcare Centre. A team of super specialists across various fields provided free diagnosis and treatment to 102 registered patients during the camp.

Anemia Camps for Women

As a part of our ongoing commitment to community health and well-being, Ganpat University conducted an "Anemia Test and Treatment Camp" on October 4, 2023, in collaboration with B T Savani Kidney Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat. The proactive initiative aimed to safeguard the health of our female students and staff from various constituent institutes. A total of 1987 female staff and girls' students from 16 institutions, including staff quarters' residents, participated in the event. Anemia tests were conducted, and individuals with hemoglobin level below 14 were given the necessary medications to raise their hemoglobin level.

GUNI- Covid Care Center

To support the efforts of Government to fight against COVID-19, Ganpat University has established a 110-bed Covid Care Centre to help the rural community. The center provided isolation facilities, daily check-ups by doctors, nursing care, full-day Covid-specific diet, and more at free of cost. All expenses were borne by the university, with the support of Shri Ganpatbhai Patel. The GUNI – Covid Care Centre offered free OPD services, including experienced doctors, comprehensive pathology tests, medicines, IPD, food, patient care, emergency vehicle, and oxygen facilities. During the pandemic, the university's healthcare team and volunteers engaged in impactful social work, earning commendation from the Mehsana District Administration and Health Department for their outstanding human services. Door-to-door distribution of ayurvedic medicines and Covid kits, comprising Khakra, face masks, sanitizer, vaporizer nose steamer, basic medicines, and immune booster ayurvedic supplements, was conducted in nearby villages.

GUNI- Health Card

Ganpat University introduces the GUNI- Health Card, available to employees, their families, and the general public in the nearby region for just Rs. 100 per family. Each family member receives a unique GUNI – Health Card, offering access to medical services at highly affordable rates. Though all medical services at Ganpat University- Health Care Centre are at reasonably rates, GUNI- Health Card holders enjoy additional financial benefits, including no consulting charges, no IPD charges, Medicines at subsidized rates ranging from 15% to 75%, treatment charges at half of the cost, pathology test charges at subsidized rate.

  • 15000+ students Health Cards
  • 1500+ GUNI- Employees Health Cards
  • 5000+ Health Cards of Employee’s family
  • 6000+ Health Cards of Village Community

GUNI- Tele Consultation

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Ganpat University launched a distinctive initiative – GUNI Tele Consultation, supported by the Honorable President of the University, Shri Ganpat Dada. The Ganpat University team received calls from Covid patients nationwide, facilitating live online consultations with specialist doctors from the USA. Patients from diverse communities interacted with doctors, receiving diagnoses in their respective languages, supported by the GUNI team of language translators.

Physiotherapy Treatment

We are delighted to announce that our physiotherapy clinic is dedicated to providing a wide range of high-quality treatments at highly affordable rates, ensuring accessibility for all patients. While private physiotherapy clinics may charge between Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 per modality and exercise, the GUNI-Physiotherapy Centre offers the same services at a nominal fee of only Rs. 20 per modality.

Comprehensive Treatment Services:

At GUNI- Physiotherapy Centre, our team of experienced and compassionate physiotherapists offers a comprehensive range of treatments tailored to address various musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Our services include but are not limited to:

Homoeopathy Treatment

Ganpat University established Homeopathy Care & Hospital in 2022 with a dual mission – providing free homeopathic treatment to the community and offering homeopathy education in the region through a well-established hospital and institution. Healthcare services can yield notable benefits for the health of those who may not have easy access to medical care. the Homeopathy Care & Hospital extends free homeopathic treatments and conducts peripheral OPDs in nearby villages twice a week. A dedicated team of homeopathy doctors visits selected villages every week, dedicating three hours to consult with patients and provide necessary homeopathic medicines at no cost.

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