Academic- Support

Academic- Support

Student Support

We firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of empowerment, and academic support serves as the catalyst for unlocking limitless potential. Our dedication to academic support underscores our commitment to the transformative power of education. We strive to provide individuals with the financial backing, tools, guidance and resources necessary to excel both personally and academically. Our vision is a future where every individual has equal opportunities to realize their full potential, thereby paving the way for a brighter and more equitable society.

Financial support for student scholarships at private universities in India enables deserving individuals to access quality education, regardless of their financial constraints. By contributing to scholarships, donors empower students to pursue their academic aspirations, unlock their full potential, and become future leaders in their respective fields. Investing in student scholarships not only fosters academic excellence but also promotes social mobility and inclusivity, creating opportunities for deserving students to thrive and make meaningful contributions to society.

  • Orphans & Vulnerable Children Scholarship Program
  • To make high quality higher education Accessible and Achievable to the orphan and vulnerable students.
  • To advocate openness in education for all.
  • To support admission for all and equal opportunity of education to all strata of society,
  • To build characters of OVC students
  • To develop the professional skills to enhance employability and entrepreneurship among the OVC students
  • To impart social values with professional education
  • Sport Scholarship
  • To encourage and assist students and staff members in increasing level of physical activity and their participation in sports as a  fundamental premise of health and well-being by integrating physical activity and sports into their daily lives.
  • To ensure a scenario where right to fitness and right to play can be reasonably realised
  • To motivate students to become part of the competitive sports programme
  • To involve staff members in sports activities
  • Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme
  • To encourage and foster ability of students.
  •  To reward meritorious (Male/Female) students with outstanding
  • performance at Under graduate/Postgraduate level other than the
  • program covered under ACPC/ACPDC/ACPMC.
  • To make academic excellence pivotal across the university.
  • Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme for Merit Rank Holder in First Semester
  • Physical handicap (दिव्यांग)
  • Promote inclusivity in higher education by providing equitable access for physically challenged children.
  • Empower physically challenged students through education to enhance their skills and societal participation.
  • Alleviate financial barriers by offering scholarships for physically challenged undergraduates in Liberal Studies.
  • Ensure campus accessibility and transport for all students, regardless of physical ability.
  • Provide specialized support services to meet the unique needs of physically challenged students.
  • Foster a supportive and inclusive community within Ganpat University.
  • Advocate for the rights and needs of physically challenged individuals and raise awareness about disability issues.
  • Policy For Martyr

Teaching Learning & Research Support

  • Publication Support
  • Paper Presentation
  • Chair Professorship / Professor of Practise

Endowing chairs or professorships at private universities is a transformative way to recognize and support exemplary faculty members who demonstrate exceptional scholarship, teaching, and leadership. By establishing endowed chairs or professorships, donors honor distinguished academics, provide resources for faculty development and research, and elevate the academic stature of the institution. Supporting faculty allows us to attract and retain top talent but also ensures continuity and excellence in teaching and research for generations to come.

Holistic Development Support

  • नमो पंचक्रिया
  • BKS

Skill Enhancement Convert to skill

Support for the student Skill enhancement for various job roles like   Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Programmer and Troubleshooter, Assistant Operator- Plastic 3D Printing, Four Wheeler Service Assistant, Electrician – Domestic Solutions, AI & ML – Jr. Telecom Data Analyst, Automotive Additive Manufacturing Operator, Cloud Computing Jr. Analyst, Software Programmer, Data Annotator, MIS Data Analyst – Financial Services, Supply Chain Associate, Assistant Operator – Material Handling & Storage, Fitness Trainer, Organic Grower.

Dedicated to fostering positive impact across various spheres of society.


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