Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Ganpat University is wholeheartedly dedicated to community service, driven by a belief in the profound impact of unity. Our mission focuses on creating positive change, nurturing a sense of belonging, empathy, and support within our community. Through a variety of services, we address the needs of individuals and families, emphasizing well-being, inclusivity, and social responsibility. Our active engagement in community services is evident through events such as volunteacher programs and outreach initiatives like, NSS Camps, Blood Donation Camps, and Tree Plantation to name few. These efforts are meticulously crafted to enhance unity and foster a deep sense of belonging. At Ganpat University, our unwavering commitment is to cultivate a connected and supportive community.

  • Rural and Field Initiatives

Donate to our Adopted Villages:

As part of Rural Initiatives & Social Responsibility GUNI family have adopted various villages in line with National Service Scheme Units which are in regular correspondence with the community in regards of Education, Environment, Health & Sanitation and Social Awareness. GUNI as a socially responsible institute plays an intervening role for flawless utilization of corporate funds for the upliftment of the rural areas.


During the Special Camp a devoted session is conducted for the health & sanitation of women's especially girls at the villages which is actively led by the Girls Volunteers of GUNI. Health awareness and interaction sessions are conducted in collaboration with the various NGOs where women counselors are invited for the sessions which is followed by the distribution of the sanitary pads.

  • Agriculture ( Farmer Training / Animal Husbandry )
  • Food and Nutrition

Dedicated to fostering positive impact across various spheres of society.


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